Efficient B2B solution to optimize
sales and decrease waste

Batata is an e-commerce software that focuses on helping farmers to increase revenues and reduce waste. We are doing that by connecting sellers with potential buyers like HoReCa, manufacturing companies and nonprofit organizations.

fresh products from farmers marketplace

Tailor made features to help your business

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Both parties get the best value for their time and money making both parties efficient.

Reduce Food Wastage

Reduce Food Wastage

Reduce food waste by linking sellers with fresh produce to buyers without hassle

Trusted Relationships

Trusted Relationships

Every client is valued and given top quality service that helps them reach their goals.

Selling on Batata is better!

Batata is a real time private market platform that connects suppliers and producers to direct consumers. This means that you can get products directly from local farmers at much lower prices and NOT have to worry about logistics giving you ease of use, access and the best value for your money.

Selling agricultural products

The work we do is in collaboration with

startup wise guys
food and bio cluster denmark
ucl university college
university of southern denmark

Here is how batata helps
you stay efficient.

Marketing and sales tool rolled in one

Batata is saving the most important resource of yours – time. Our software will take care of marketing and sales. By offering cutting edge technologies we ensure top quality results!

marketing and sales tool for farmers
tracking orders and logistics for farmers

Track orders and logistics without stress

We know that current standards are inefficient, expensive and time consuming. Therefore batata will help you easily monitor and act on the most important business processes.

Invoicing and Accounting sorted.

Why wait for a week, two or month if you can get it today? With Batata, invoicing and accounting is done for you so you can focus on more important things and expand your business. Our accounting section will simplify the paper work for you too.

Invoicing and Accounting for farmers

Batata is an SDG driven solution to
curb food waste and improve lives.

zero hunger and food security

Zero hunger and food security

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

agriculture industry, innovation and infrastructure

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

sustainable cities and communities

Sustainable cities and communities

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe and sustainable with culturally inspiring living conditions

responsible consumption and production

Responsible consumption and production

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns by doing more and better with less.

How to work with us

Working with us is easy. You just need to follow these four simple steps and the rest of magic will be done by Batata!

Create a list of products

Add products to the marketplace you want to sell, exchange or donate. Write descriptions, set prices, take or upload pictures of your commodities.

Follow market trends

Buy using Batata’s insightful analytical tools take a decision on pricing, explore demand for specific products, update prices as well check on the future market expectations.

Prepare orders

Start preparing orders only when you receive them. Decide which type of deliveries you ant to use. Don’t worry abut invoicing, we’ll do it for you.

Receive instant payments

Get paid or pay for products and services with one click. Batata offers you lightening fast transactions with the lowest fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

See what our clients are asking about. If you can’t find the ansswer to your question, feel free to Contact Us

How products will be delivered?

There are three types of deliveries:

  1. Farmers delivery (pricing according to distance and order size).
  2. Third party deliveries (pricing according to distance and order size).
  3. Buyer can collect products on his own and get acquintent with the activities carried out on the farm.
Why to use Batata instead of intermediaries?

We aim to remove intermediaries and their big cuts from the chain. In this way we can guarantee higher returns for all farmers.

Why buy products on Batata?

Here you can find all available types of products, quantities and of course best prices.

How we are helping with a food waste?

We are connecting producers with manufacturers, restaurants or nonprofit organizations and allowing them to sell or donait products that doesn’t have commercial appearance.

Can we buy products from other countries?

At the moment we only focus on Danish farmers and small and medium-sized companies, but in the near future you should find producers from other countries as well.

Do we need to pay for using Batata platform?

All buyers are using Batata’s platform for free when farmers are paying a small subscription fee.

Welcome to B2B agri-production marketplace!

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